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JoAnn McDonald

I agree about the ways GreenTree runs: I have run behind a few times and not a break could be given even though before that I would pay ahead of time and more then owed till times got tough. I also asked a few times why my additional/overage payments would not go directly to principal and I was told it goes towards next months interest and that I had to fax a letter indicating I do online banking and want my additional money paid down on my principal. I feel this should be illegal - I said I felt I was paying interest on interest - it just doesn't seem right. If they had applied many of those additional payments to my principal of course the interest would be lower each month and I think they know this and take advantage of us folks who don't realize that. I told them as soon as I can refinance I will because I don't like the way they handle things.



Don mccarty jr

my name is Don mccarty jr. i am currently behind with greentree. have been served with writ of replevin. have come up with the money to get caught up with my payments. have been trying to contact greentree ,but have been blocked from talking with anyone by a collection manager by the name of christina n. everytime i call in and enter my info , i am automatically forwarded to her voice mail. she will not reply. i am down to 5 days before they kick me out. i need to get this paid. who do i contact because she is playing games??

Don mccarty jr

i am about ready to snap and go to the st louis office and confront , but i dont need the hassles. dec 1st , my wife and i had a baby and now we will be in the street. i want to pay and keep my house , but if she keeps playing this game , i won't have a home. help please someone.

William Darnell

Scum bag companies like this do these things because they have little fear of the regulatory system. There are too many politicians in the pocket of the credit industry!

Peggy Bounds

I am being kicked out of my home financed thru greentree right now, right here at christmas time. I called and asked if we could at least stay thru christmas and was told that he couldn't promise me anything, well, I was served papers to get out ASAP today, Dec 18. I have a four year old grandson that lives with me. I think this is pretty sorry here at the holidays. I had tried to work something out with them also and was told that they wanted all the money they say that I was behind but they would never show me proof of where they came up with that amount.

Roberta Green

I am in california and my loan was recently sold to Green Tree Servicing. I have made payments on time even though I only a had few days if notification prior to the switch (illegal under the RESPA Act). I contacted my bank and made the new information was in their system so my electronic payments was made on time to the right entity. After two months I received a letter stating I was behind two months payments and of I did not give them the full three months of mortgage payments plus fees they would foreclose! They sited additional money for escrow was needed due to their calculations of my property tax! they are holding my payments in an account until I came up with more money! Well, CA has a law in effect (terrible for the budget) that states what ever the tax value of your home at purchase price is the most you will ever pay in ad valorem taxes and it limits increases for bond etc taxes too. I explained this to Green Tree and sent them a copy of the law....nothing. I finally called, recorded the call and informed them they were not in-compliance with Federal RESPA guidelines and I let them know I was contacting the AG's office, The White House Recovery Act and the FEC to report them for wrong doing......I got a new statement and my account is SUDDENLY current! Know your rights, know the law and document everything!!!!!

sick of greentree

Oh my god Greentree is the worst mortage company. This is my first time owning my home and now that times are harder and jobs not as they use to be I to have gotten behind in my payments numerous times,so on yesterday a Rep. by the name of Jenny finally spoke with me and ask why I did not send in the December 24th, payment, I told her that I didnot have it which I did not have it. So Jenny proceed with the questions and I hang up on her, then I call back and speak with another repby the name of Samantha who gets on the phone with an attitude and start to talk to me like I was a kid,I stopped her and let her know that I was a grown up and that the conversation could go smoothly or however she wanted to take it,long story short greentree takes the situation at hand as a joke and I feel that there is something that can be done about them and the way that they disrespect their consumers.I spoke to 4different reps and the matter is still not resolved I am 2months behind in my mortage and im letting them know that in January it will be caught up and stay on time I had to get a second job and that just switched me from rep to rep,Im going to contact the troubleshooter and expose thois company to the fullest because there has to be something that can be done with these people.Sick of Greentree in Sanford,North Carolina

sick of greentree

this is a add on to the previous comment the rep even told me to go get public assistance because I am a single parent and that she did not believe that they would not help me and I have three kids, then she told me to try the payday in advance places.
These people is terrible.

Fed Up in New Mexico

The last time I called Green Tree they said I had to be at least 30 days past due to even consider an extention. I am now 34 days past due on my mortgage and I called back to Green Tree today. I was rudely tranferred numerous time when finally a representative spoke to me. She was outright rude and obnoxious and asked why I was behind. I began to explain that I have been separated since August 2009 and have been paying all the bills myself. She was rude and snorted at me. My God, I was about to yell at her! So now they tell me that I need to make at least pay my December payment before they will extend January's payment for me, which will bring me current and only 4 days past due! What the heck is wrong with these people? I agree that their collections tactics are very aggressive and now when they call, I just ignore them. :) Their web site is a total lie when they state that representatives are available to assist its customers when they are having financial dificulties! They only belittled me and made me feel less of a person.


I currently work as a collection rep for greentree..I HATE IT!! I am currently lookinmg for another job. I used to work for a credit union and went to formal collections training and all that..moved got a job with greentree unknowing and OH MY!! The things I hear these collectors saying I gasp..there is no sense telling a supervisor they speak the same way to the customers..ITS HORRIBLE!! So unorganized, no one has a clue what is going on most of the time..i get the sense that when there are issues most of them just guess, that goes for collectors, supevisors, customer service, pretty much all who work there. Most of the people I work with are not well spoken nor have the gone though much education. They all seem pretty rough around the edges. I HATE WORKING THERE and as I stated I want out ASAP...soon as I find another job...I am gone!!! Only been there a couple months and that is to long! They actually TRAIN YOU to ask the customer to go to red cross or churches for help to pay them, AND seniors on fixed incomes...green tree with take there LAST DIME and not think twice about it. Health issues...they assume EVERYONE IS LYING!! That is the attitude the reps get with everyone...THE ALL ASSUME YOU THE CUSTOMERS ARE LYING! I have heard the reps I work with scream at, yell at, degrade, put down, use bad language, and threaten customers...all the time everyday!! The encourage it, they train you to conduct yourself in that manner with customers...they tell you that is the only way to MAKE YOUR BONUS AND GET YOUR CASH...well I call BS on that I flat REFUSE to speak to anyone in that manner I collect just fine..and get great numbers...I have been complemented several times because I did not treat the customer the way the "last rep" did. SO I GET WHAT YOUR ALL SAYING...GREENTREE DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR DYING, IN THE HOSPITAL, BEEN IN A WRECK, LOST YOUR JOB AFTER 15 YRS, YOU JUST LOST YOUR PARENT, YOU JUST BECAME A PARENT, ITS CHRISTMAS, OR THANKSGIVING, THEY DO NOT CARE!! EXPECT NO BREAKS, NO HELP AND NO CONDOLENCES...DO EXPECT TO CONTINUE PAYING AS USUAL..ON TIME...OR THEY WILL MAKE YOU SORRY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER...TAKE THIS FROM SOMEONE WHO IS BEHIND THE SCENES AT GT AND GETTING OUT OF THERE ASAP!!

smarter than greentree

greentree is not so smart. They got a agreed judgment, it states that we have 30 days from the date it is due, so I take full advantage of it, the rep threatens with the agreed order if I'm 5 days late, but you know what! That Court Order goes both way, so they just give me an extra 30 days to pay the payment. So be careful Greentree, you are violating a Court Order so please advise your reps that court is not only for you Greentree, it is for both parties so when you are calling me you are violating a Court Order.

Avoid Green Tree

Very upset when I found out my mortgage was sold to this company. I only had 7k remaining balance and paid this off promptly - never late or missed a payment and have an excellent credit rating. I contacted Green Tree on 2/16/2010 to get the payoff amount and discovered an additional 13k under the heading "Corporate Advance Balance"!

I contacted the previous holder asking them about this and they stated they had no idea where this amount originated. The only balance transfered was the 7k. When I contacted GT customer service I was informed that this was additional interest forwarded from my previous holder. When I informed him that I had just spoken with them and this information was false he replied "You realized you have this loan until 2036?"

I requested documentation of this additional interest and waiting 3-5 days from their response. In the meantime I have notified AG, BBB, several consumer affairs organizations and regulatory agencies.

Wish They'd Help and Not Insult

This makes me a little better. We have had a rough year, we own a small business and have fallen behind. Our loan was purchased, (I guess) by Green Tree. Joaquin, the rep, spoke to my husband and was so beyond the realms of rude it's beyond reproach. Is this a mortgage company of a debt collector? Are they paid to insult people?


To all, it is not only the collectors, it is also the account managers that attack and belittle the customers. I've never been default on my loan. Never missed a payment, nothing shy of paying my loan a few days after the 1st of the month. Yet, I get calls from collections every day until they receive that month’s payment. If I answer, they immediately attack me with questions about why I have not paid. Even after telling them that my payments come through my bank after every other pay period (I get paid every two weeks), they still push me for immediate payment. Yesterday I called to talk with a representative to ask to not be called unless I was in default and after being yelled at by the first two reps, I was told by the manager that "I better start making my payments on or before the first of the month if you want us to leave you alone" - quote. Then he hung up on me. This company needs to be regulated in one way or another. I am actually worried now that they are going to retaliate against me for my FTC and BBB complaints. For the record, I my mortgage was sold to this company and they do nothing to work with their customers in times of strife.


I am so sorry everyone, My mom has her loan through Green Tree and they are pure evil. I had to change my cell phone number because they would call me 5-10 times a day after every day that she was late. There is no telling what they are capable of, they would drop the last digit of her account number so the payment would not go through from the bank and they wont allow her to pay through western union, only over the phone with a bank account. You have to jump through hoops just to pay them. They need to be stopped! All I can say is to watch out, there is no telling what they will try do, if you can get out from that loan!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Greentree is Awful

I too have had my mortgage sold to Greentree. They called my family, my wifes family and my neighbors for being 6 days late.


hi i purshased a home with green tre in 1998 single wide. guess what the company trick us, 31,000.. when we finish with this home, 30 years, it will cost us 109,000/ i don't think thats fare, the hiuse has been put 3 floors in.. its a horton home.ok, then we got flooded out,fixes\d it all through. when i bought it,, now mold is all the way through the home,got insurance with them rthey won'y fix it. why i have no idea, the mole has almost done in i called, they get smart with me, u right,they don't care if you is dead. well. i'm were almost there 3 times,and i dont know what to do, its all up my walls.they wont do ant thing say my insurance wont cover it, but ome time, they cameout,and fix the top..i am goingto give it back,but i put so much money in it, its killin me and my husband,they wont trade me or anty thing.. we've paid already 29,000 ans stillowe princple.. seem like gettin high. we sent extra money on it, still no head way.plze tell me, before i die, i need to talk to some one.. god some one plze help me.. just got out the hospital with mold im my system.. its in my closet, under neath, breathin problem.. they say its mole spurs in my home.. i have serve astha,,, better businessberau.. i guess. someojne ple help me out.. thanks veronica nc

Tom Hennelly

Wow I thought I was the only one, my loan recently got sold to green tree I Have a fico score of over 800 never been late on my payments on a loan of 12 yrs I have a grace period till the 16 of every month and this company constantly harasses me at my house, yells, calls @ 7am on a saturday morning on the 4th day, someone needs to put a stop to gree trees servicing collection practices the fec needs to get involved. there are the worse I HAVE EVER SEEN , STAY AWAY!!!!!

susan olson

I have a loan now with this Green Tree as I was with Nat'l City Mortgage and they sold it to them. They do not respect the grace period set up with the mortgage. I did a complaint with the FTC online and have no idea if they went forward with it. It does seem that the regulatory agencies available should contain them, or close them down. I think they are nasty and unprofessioanl--all reps there. If they are playing around with the actual balances of mortgage amts owed, and not giving accurate numbers, that should be enough for them to be closed for fraud. Is there a nat'l number, agency, we can all contact?
Surely, there is power in numbers?

Kim Anderson

After four months of trying to get Bank of America to foreclose on us so we can be done with a nightmare situation, our loan was sold to Green Tree. I sent a letter requesting, again, for them to foreclose. In this letter I asked for them to not harass us anymore and was told that since I requested this they cannot contact us at all, including any offers for how to settle, apparently. They said that it wasn't in their best interest to foreclose so apparently they benefit by not getting paid.

lost in Virginia

Green Tree, Green Tree, Green Tree, we're in our FOURTH time thru the mod process and still nothing solid, no explanations despite payments made and compliance. Why 4 times you might ask? Errors in-house they say, but cannot explain. Green Tree hasn't been rude to us in the 7 months they've serviced the loan since taking over from National City, but they sure lack info, direction or efficiency it seems. "Free rent" is not free, but is what we experiencing. We just want to pay fairly for our home and keep on being productive citizens. It seem this is all a waiting game on the bank's part. When they are buying loans cheap, they can wait to see if things turn up and profit big, or turn down and sell low, but break even or better with gov tax or subsidy incentives, thus the heavy lobbying in DC. It's still just a game with this HAMP situation, one the bankers want to win. The only real win is to be real bankers and make REASONABLE loans. So while our grandparents suffer in their retirement based on investments returning poor dividends, homebuyers are "free renting" while banks spin wheels, this is not good. Can we please get this wrapped up smartly and get back to reality, productivity? -lost in Virginia

hk hill

This is scary. I have a second mortgage that was just sold from GMAC to Greentree (so much for assurances that the loan would n. The notice letter said that automatic loan payments would be automatically transferred, so I needed to do nothing. Last week I started getting robo-calls from Greentree. When I called, I was told I owe July's payment, which was due on the 2nd. The person claimed that not all of GMAC's automatic payments were transferred, and I needed to make a payment now. I told her I had not gotten a statement, and she said that I would not get a statement until September, and that I needed to pay for July and August! I said I would mail a payment when I got an statement, and was told that doing so would damage my credit rating, since the payment would be late. WTF!! How is it my problem that these companies can't get their act together? No one gets my money without a payment statement of some kind. I was going to send a check, but after reading these notices, I'm guessing the payment would end up in some sort of limbo. Guess it's time to contact my attorney.

Responsible Wife

Oh wow! Ditto the EXACT comment above! Our 2nd loan was also through GMAC and I received the same letter stating that the automatic payments would transfer over and of course did not. When I called "customer service" they were flat rude and tried to get me to pay them 12 bucks to pay over the phone. I asked them to explain to me why the 12 dollars (it's not the 12 dollars, just the principle) and the guy asked me why I had such an attitude! I couldn't believe he said that, so I just kinda moved on and he stopped me and said that he really needed to know why I had such an attitude problem. Seriously? These people are a joke. Oh, I asked him if they had a website and he told me to go to www.gtservicing.com. I went there and of course there is nowhere to make a payment, just shows your information. Sounds like we need to start a class action on them.

 One man lost in Virginia

The errors made by Green Tree while servicing my loan continue to stack-up. The phone reps do not convey same information, but rather conflicting info as do letters in writing. I had reported earlier that the reps had not been rude, but that has changed. More recently, the reps have begun to lie and make petty personal comments. The company is applying fees and charges without explanation and in conflict with HAMP guidelines. Green Tree sends multiple paper communications that contradict one another, for example, after making five trial payments they recently sent a letter saying "We still have not heard from you". Reps have made request for paperwork, not because they don't have access, but rather "It would require walking around". Green Tree reps are offensive even to their own peers in-house, saying things like, "Good luck, (hamp rep) never returns calls. I've never had her return one of mine.". Even simple information requests deliver flawed info, for example on a value sheet for HAMP, Green Tree entered "Months Delinquent" as O. Okay, so if I'm "O" months delinquent, then what's the problem? A week ago, I had a rep screaming at me on the phone while seeking information, then she lied about who her supervisor was, finally she did come clean and transfer accordingly, but it was like dealing with a little teenage girl in a tantrum rather than a professional woman. I spoke to one fellow, a supervisor they said, with a very calm voice who tried to reassure me that he would help us, but that road also led to bad info, slow service and more errors made. Green Tree has told me many things, "you're underwater", but I'm not, "you failed HAMP due to fact that you didn't make payments", but I did, "We haven't heard from you", but they had. I asked how "NPV" is calculated and the response was "It is complicated. We don't really understand it, but you have failed based on it". Nobody at Green Tree was able to answer that question and still they have not. My file while working through this situation now exceeds 200 pages and is growing. I have now contacted my Rep in Congress, OCC, White House, HOPE and will pursue answers more and more agressively as time goes on. My personal situation has begun to improve slightly, but the time and pain these folks have caused me were horrible. I will seek answers and ammends to be made, hopefully preventing others from being abused by this company that appears to be operating on the "Extend" and "Pretend" logic platform gone wild. It is probably best to avoid working with Green Tree, at least until they tighten-up on a positive note. Housing/Banking is an economic umbrella issue, top of the economic pyramid in the USA and one also directly connected to freedom. Banking and credit system issues must be addressed and effectively corrected to heal our nation and the world beyond.

working man

In our case, our loan is current, BUT Green Tree continues to make harrasing phone calls in error. The loan servicer, in our case, did not adhere to HAMP guidelines when we were behind and still making payments without full-credit. The various departments within Green Tree are at odds with one another and speak poorly of each other. It doesn't sound like a happy place to work, but what modern bank is? Green Tree operates without regard for efficiency, it seems. Poor accounting, horrible oversight, legal glitches, it is all stacking up tall. The halt on foreclosures in the news recently is not unexpected. The continuing lawsuits that Green Tree, Fannie and others face will be ongoing. Oh dear, oh Green Tree, time to wake-up and make ammends, fast. Hear the paper shredders working overtime! See the lines on the faces of stressed-out employees? Feel the fear? Now we see the flawed machine springing to life in its defense. Too bad it couldn't have communicated and done the right thing when the chance was there. Now everybody will pay.


My loan was sold to Green Tree in 2006, I think. (I live in Florida.) I got a bad feeling about them when I got the first monthly statement because it said on the statement "The is an attempt to collect a debt". No kidding. It hit me the wrong way to see that on the very first (and every one since) statement, as though they were already expecting me to be trouble before they even had a chance to find out anything about me. I have owned homes for 20+ years and never had a problem until this recession started. Although I am employed (thank God), my employer has imposed furlough days, starting last year, so my income has taken a hit. I also have a son finishing up college, so that hasn't helped my finances too much, either. Anyway, long story short, for the first time in my life, this month I was 7 days late mailing the mortgage. Instead of mailing it before the 1st of the month like I've always done, I sent it on the 7th. Trying to be conscientious, I called Green Tree in late Saptember (around the 28th or 29th) and asked about a grace period because the statement gives no indication that there is such a thing with Green Tree which is the first time I've ever had a mortgage where they don't tell you on the statement that you have at least 15 days before the payment is considered late. The female rep claimed that there isn't a grace period but a late fee wouldn't be charged until after the 15th. Apparently they don't want to call it a grace period but I didn't argue with her, I just told her that I would be sending the payment on the 7th. She wanted to know why and I told her about the furlough days and having a few financial problems at this time. She said 'they' will be calling me, starting around the 5th or 6th and I asked why, if no late fee is imposed until after the 15th. She said the payment was due on the 1st and would be considered late starting on the 2nd. I knew then that my first instincts about this company were right. She seemed very nosy, like she wanted to discuss my financial difficulties in more detail but I figured I had told her all she needed to know and ended the call. Well, they sure started calling on the 5th or 6th and I explained that I had called before the end of the month to advise them of the problem. Of course, that didn't matter to them. The latest call was at 8 am yesterday (the 12th) as I'm trying to get to work and the female rep starts asking all these hostile questions and wanting to know what the check number was that I was sending and how much was the payment I was sending and I started getting nasty in response until I realized she was enjoying herself more than I was and hung up on her. Reading these comments has really frightened me. My finances are not likely to improve any time soon and I might have to be 'late' next month, too. I'm trying not to panic.

Mary Covella

Can someone help me Please! Green Tree is calling my phone every single day and we don't have any debt. I called them back and they said they didn't have my phone number on their list and hung up on me!!

P. Price

Oh NO... Bank of America just sold my mortgage to Green Tree. We only have 5 more years and it will be paid for. I have a serious heart condition and I cannot handle stress. Now I'm afraid these people are going to be nothing but trouble. Guess we're going to take out my husband's 401k and pay it off. Better that than take a chance of losing our home to Azzholes like this.

Ms. Ranae S

I'm 21 and live in northern michigan with my parents. For most of my life I had to watch my parents struggle with Green Tree Service. Today a man from Green Tree found out my dads new cell phone number and told him," why can't you pay the total amount.. I know you work at a voluntary fire deptment it took me all day to find that out." And he said he'll be calling all the aunts and uncles about this payment and named a few of them.My fathers distant cousin's mom has recieved phone calls now! They fill up the answering machine with troubling harassments! They call about 11 or more times a day starting early morning till late night. Can they really call Christmas Eve too? I cry every week for someone to help this family. My parents PAY SO MUCH INTEREST!! How can they do this???? They've also made so many errors, one even made us loose our house! Thank God we got our home back. STAY AWAY FROM GREEN TREE SERVICE because they're killing my family physcally and mentally. My dad, mom, and me are all ill. Dad may have cancer but he does not want to worry us, mom had a heart op., MS, and tumors in her head, and I will got paralzed on anyday,chest pains from stress, and MS like my mom. But they don't care one bit!! They probly wants us to die so they can have our damn house..sorry but I'm really peeved!


I have more experience with Green Tree. I am tired of friends and neighbors losing their homes when they shouldn't have to. I myself was fortunate enough to keep my home, but who knows in the future what may come. I am in good standing now, but when I was behind was treated both horribly and unprofessionally by Green Tree who made countless costly errors, harrasing attacks and promises along the way. First steps: The US needs a longer foreclosure freeze period to allow times for proper assessment and ammends. The US needs judicial oversight, universally. This will also require a credit system overhaul and more consideration for the self-employed so that they can grow jobs. Both employment and housing can benefit from this blanket approach being implemented now.

leon morro


Sandra P

I worked for Green Tree for many years. I did not work as a collector but in another department. We always heard what customer's had to deal with but there was nothing we could do about it. Most of the time no one really knew what was going on with the loans as far as escrow, insurance etc. There were a lot of customers that really had no conecpt on how a loan worked or what their responsibilites were. However there were many reps that were rude and uncaring. They are tought to not give an inch. I was so happy when I left that place. Now I work in a job where I can actually help people. I should have done this years ago.

veronica beher-leon

We were told by a financial lawyer that BOA uses Green Tree Servicing as a collector.
Is not that Green Tree purchases the loans, o no they get hired by the big banks to hassle their costumers.
May 21 we are out on the street, I was told by Green Tree that it was to late for me to reapply for the Obama program.
But there is a GOD that will make them pay.

M. Lambert

I am with Greentree too, and they are UNREAL. I have been with them for 10 years and i owe more now than i did 5 years ago. It is very, very hard to find a finance company who would refinance their loan. It's sad. If someone would've told me about them 10 years ago, I would have never looked their way. It is sad when a $23,00 moble home ends up to being almost $90,000. I wish there was a company that could understand how we feel about this company, take a chance on us and refinance our mobile homes with lower interest rates and give us a fresh start.


I am with Green Tree after being sold this year and they are horrible. I was in the midst of a modification when I was sold. I started out behind, however, went into their HAMP program which is still in review after 3 months! Today, they called and told me to bounce a check to pay them, it would keep my loan from being in default. This is ridiculous!

Quinn Kee

I have been with GreeTree Service for more than 5 years and never late. Last month I wrote my check and they received it on time. The problem was that the check's longhand written amount did not include "twelve" dollars at the end of the written phrase. Instead of "Three hundred twelve dollars" I only wrote "Three hundred dollars". They started calling with nasty late notices on the 10th. It was not late, it was a clear error and omission. I paid my next payment and the omitted twelve dollars in 3 days. Since then I have called and written asking them to credit my account for the late charge of $15. They refuse!

This company have no business being licensed to to interact with the public.


Wow! Im sitting here reading all these comments about Green Tree and thought it was only me they trated like this. I'm currently running one month behind and now have set up thru my bank that my mortgage be paid every two weeks. Being a Federal Government employee, our pay has been froze and the economy is bad. My Gree Tree rep. is name Adam and he is horrible. He has went so far as to send me a forclusure attempt letter from Gree Tree and put the state I live in on it to make me beleive it was from the states court office. I applied for a mod or one of their programs and they are so screwed up, they don't even have me listed a the primary residence in my own property. If anyone knows how I can get from up under them PLEASE HELP !!!!


Whay does Gree Tree resort to "YOU HAVE THIRTY DAYS OF ELSE" notices if they don't talk to you? My thought is if they are getting the money regardless if it's a month behind (in my case)go after the people who are months behind. I have talk to people who have not paid mortages in six months or more with other bamks and companies and they haven't heard a peap from them. How does Green Tree get away with so much. They are not even BBB rated.

Mike M.

I wasn't even a customer with Green Tree. I had a loan through CIT Group, which I paid off the principal. A few months later, I got a letter and a call from Green Tree saying that my account had been turned over to them for collections. I Faxed them the copy of the last check, the letter of release and title from CIT Group. Of course they botched fixing the problem by marking my account as lost revenue (or something) to the IRS. The next year, the IRS tells me I owe taxes on this loss. Again I had to deal with the idiots at Green Tree to get that taken care of.
And today, I find out that their mistake is STILL haunting me, almost 4 years later, as a blemish on my credit report.

If anything DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these hacks.


Wow! Have read all the comments and find it somewhat reassuring that me and my husband are not the only ones. Late last year we fell behind. We were getting calls from GT every couple hours with many of them threatening messages on the machine. They even called our neighbor which I believe is illegal. I had tried to talk to them but was sworn at, threatened and called a "deadbeat"....we were only a month behind at that time. They were not willing to work with us, even refused to acknowledge it if we tried to participate in the Obama program. When I finally sent an email (for documentation purposes) asking them to not contact us by phone but instead by email or letter only (yes, it specifically stated this), we stopped hearing from them. Then we received a notice in the mail that foreclosure proceedings had started. We were not even a full month behind at that time. I tried contacting them and was told I had to speak to only a certain person. I kept leaving message after message without a response. Finally, he actually picked up the phone when I called. He said he could not talk to me until they received written permission as I had requested "no contact" at all. I informed him I had asked for no phone only but he still refused to speak to me until he had that letter. So, I sent it. Then he called back and informed me that he could not stop the foreclosure unless we signed an agreement that, if we get behind again, they can foreclose in 10 days with or without notice to us. Of course, we had to sign it as our finances would not allow us to go anywhere else and they were giving bad reference statements to prospective landlords and loan officers. They are horrible business people. Not only for the way they treat "customers" (I think they think of us as "suckers") but just their practices of business. It is leach companies like this that drain our society and make it impossible for anyone other than their company owners to live the American Dream. They need to be put out of business but those that can do it feel that we deserve what we get for falling behind because we had to pay for a dead parent's funeral.

Anita C.

I told my family that if anything were to happen to me, it is all Green Trees fault!!
Every time they call my blood pressure goes up. I have had calls from John, Craig you name em, they call! All hours, family members, employer. They are unreal & very antagonistic. I have considered many times to use the payment money & just get an attorney instead. People who take jobs with Green Tree should think twice. Not worth it. There should be consideration in sueing the individual collectors as well.

M. McWayne

Being an employee of Green Tree, working with the collections department for several years, I have seen many, many people in tough situations. A lot of times, all involved do the very best they can and things just don't turn out the way the customer wants. There may be some who have dealt with aggressive collectors but not all of them are that way. Too bad all of those that the collectors have helped don't have a message board to list all of the "good" things that the folks at Green Tree have done to help people maintain possession of their homes. My heart goes out to those that have lost the battle and their homes. It is happening all over with many banks, credit unions and finance companies. This is not a specific Green Tree problem. Understand that you have signed a contract, payments need to be made, contact when payments are not made on time is crucial. Working together to resolve delinquent issues should be your number one priority. Doing "..your best" sometimes is not enough.


Green Tree is absolutely the worse!!! I much rather work with any other bank. They are simply heartless and rude to no end... all the way to up the managers like Chris P., that simply hangs up on you if he doesn't like what you say. As a Realtor, I will do my duty to spread the work to all buyers to simply stay away from Green Tree.

Marilyn Williams

I have a loan with GreenTree and the customer service reps are crazy. After divorce, my monthly statements were addressed to my ex's home. Upon speaking to their reps, they continued to send the statements to his address. Each time I would speak to a rep, they would each provide misleading or wrong information; on top of that they were extremely rude. I returned their attitude with my attitude. So we argued for several minutes and I told them that without a statement I would not make any payments at all. They later sent me a statement for one month and the next several months, the statement went to the ex's address. I then called back, with my attitude, and told them to get their money where they were sending the statements. I spoke to several reps and they told me that since the ex's name was still on the mortgage, they would continue to send him the statements. So I responded by telling them to get their money from him and would not pay anything else. For two months, I refused to make payments, they called my phone and I took joy in telling them how I was going to spend my money and they could not tell me what to do. They of course threatend me with defaults and foreclosures. I told them with the housing market the way is it, go right ahead, make my day. Fortunately, I had the money for the monthly payments but would not allow them to bully me into spending my money. Finally they started sending the statements to my address and of course I was months behind at this time. I then told them I needed to have the payments deferred due to them being ignorant. If payments were being deducted from my account for several years and was never late, and they decided to send the statements to another address. I wasn't responsible for the late payments. They asked if I could make phone payments and I refused, western union payments and I refused.I have always made payments by mail or the internet and that's the way I would continue to make them. They deferred the payments for three months. They continue to call my phone if the payments are credited on the due date, although the money has been deducted from my account. I only pay by check so I can have proof of the payments. So when they call me talking crazy, crazy is what they get in return. I wish I didn't have to deal with Green Tree at all but I refuse to refinance a mobile home after paying for over 14 years. I wish I could sell the property, I would even settle for grands less than what I owe to be rid of this punk azz mortgage company...but who wants to purchase a mobile home. I did, being 18 years old upon purchasing. You live, You learn. I would not refer GreenTree to anyone. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, please post information. I will jump aboard!!!!


My B of A Mortgage was just sold to GreenTree......OMG! After Googling "GreenTree" .......I am now very fearful of having to deal with this Crappy Company! My home mortgage is $100,000 while it is appraised at only $79,000! I am upside down! Several of my friends in similar situations have just walked away from their Mortgage and are now renting for less money! Is this something I should also consider? And while I have your ear? Do you live under the 'thumb' of an HOA - Homeowners Association - ? If so? Check out our Grassroots Websites doing what we can to change the State Laws to make them more "Homeowner-Friendly"! http://www.HOA1234.com - HOA1234 DOT COM


Me and my husband have been dealing with Green Tree for a couple years. We admittingly have been behing several months. We came across some money and paid over 4000.00 for two months to get caught up. We have one more payment of 4,000 and my husband lost his job. We are trying to get a loan modification so we can get caught up again and they are being hard asses and do not want to work with us. I believe since we paid 8000.00 over two months they would be more willing to help us. That is not the case. These people will rob you! We now owe more on our house than what we bought it for. I think I am just ready to give up and let it foreclose. It is not worth having a home when you are constantly being harrased from these bad people. What got us behind was four surgeries in my immediate family. My oldest daughter had scoliosis and had a major surgery. My youngest daughters eyes were crossing and had to get surger on her eyes, and i have had two surgeries for suspicious spots on my breast. They didnt care. I hate them!


I am SOOO comforted to know how many people share my agony. My mortgage was previously held by Bank United and then purchased by Greentree in about 2007.

These people are SATANIC!!! I have been unemployed since June 2011, and they have pushed me to the brink of insanity with their harassment. I tried to explain that my former employer cheated me out of $4K in vacation pay AND tried to deny my unemployment. I had to hire an attorney. Do I get sympathy? Ha! They yelled, "YOU HIRED AN ATTORNEY?"

These people not only call me 3 or 4 times a week, but they have consistently called my elderly mother, my sister and two of my neighbors!! The first time this happened, I called my account rep, Glenda N., and shrieked at her for nine minutes straight, calling her every four letter word in the book. I've yelled at Carol Spencer, Phil, Evan and Bill, among others. I can feel my own health deteriorating from these non-humans.

A. B. in PA

Companies such as this are the reason we need to get good people like Elizabeth Warren into our government. We still own our home in Phoenix (there has not been any default notices filed at this time, depsite not making payments since July) and within 2 weeks of our moving our belongings out of the home, Green Tree sends in their goons at Five Brothers to literally STEAL the items we had left in the home for friends to come by and pick up. I just heard from my friend tonight that the home was EMPTIED. We had framed prints, appliances and numerous other items there and they walked out with all of it!! I am calling the police tomorrow, but I just can't believe they just walked into a home they do not own, and removed property. What country is this anyways???

Lena Clayton

I found out yeserday that we are being charged 9.95 per deim on our loan [intrest]and for thirteen years have only payed ten thousand on our mobile .where is the help to get theses crooks put in prison?[greenTree]


Im one of the many that have had problems with greentree. Yes ive gotten behind and yes ive latr. I got a letter stating they were going to foreclose. I asked for 1 week until I got paid. Guess you know the answer to that one! Im at wits end. Do I gamble and send it in late or do I sit back and
wait for that call? Im scared that im going to be put in the street. They wonder why people take their own lifes over this.


If you are unable to make your pamneyts in your Chapter 13, depending on your situation (why you can't pay), your attorney can file for a Moratorium. This will give you until (a date that will be set) and then begin making pamneyts again.You will need to ask your attorney if you can do this. If you can't or if you already did and the Motion for Moratorium was denied, you can convert your Case to a Chapter. You would not need to make pamneyts, but depending on your assets, this may impact your other situations.Talk to your attorney and see what would be your best option.: Moratorium versus conversion to chapter 7.There is a court fee for the conversion as well as some attorney's may require an additional retainer fee for this as you are adding additional services to your original retainer agreement.As for the Creditors, if you can not make pamneyts and a moratorium is not granted, the Trustee may move for your case to be dismissed for non-payment. Once the case is dismissed, your creditors may contact you. All parties that receive notice in your case, will receive a copy of the Order of Dismissal, if it is issued.Good luck with whichever way you go.


If your Chapter 13 case was dismissed you can heiter try to have it reinstated, or file another Chapter 13. However, if you file another Chapter 13 you would have to be able to qualify as you did the first time. As long as your case was not dissmissed because you did not request it or willfully ignored a court order, I do not beleive there is any waiting period. If it is one of these cases then you would have to wait 6 months to file again. So unless not paying was done willfully you should be okay.As for how it effects your credit, having a second bankruptcy will probably effect it a bit more. But if your case is dismissed and you don't file again all of your creditors can resume collection actions against you.You should however consult with your lawyer who did your current bankruptcy case.


If need help go to www.naca.com


There are many unanswered quenitoss when filing for bankruptcy such as, how much si it to file for bankruptcy? What property can I keep? Or what will happen to my house or car? Nowadays, it costs $160 to file for bankruptcy whether for a single person or a married couple. The court may allow you to pay this filing fee in instalments if you cannot pay all at once. If you hire an attorney, you will also have to pay the attorney’s fee you agree to. In a chapter 7 case, person can keep all property which the law says is “exempt” from the claims of creditors. You can choose between your exemptions under your state law or under federal law. In most of the cases, the federal exemptions are better. The federal exemptions include: $15000 in equity in your home, $2400 in equity in your car, $400 per item in any household goods up to a total of $8000 and $1500 in things you need for your job, such as tools and books.A person also has the right to receive certain benefits such as social safety, unemployment compensation, veteran’s benefits, public assistances, and pensions regardless of the amount. The amounts of these exemptions are doubled when a married couple files together.


Green Tree just changed the locks on my door because I'm behind on my mortgage payments. I have not been served any legal documents.

They unlawfully entered my home, ruffled thru my personal belongings and changed the locks on my house. What can I do about this?


GreenTree is the most crocked company in the US ! Do a Google Search on them... and you
Will See how evil they are ! They are calling me 12 times a day saying I don't hae insurance on my home when I do, and I have comfirmatiion from my Insurance they do !~ They have even sent them another copy of the policy showing I"M Insured and they still won't acdept it!

When trying to talk to them they call me a drunk and cuss and lie and rant and rave and then hang up the phone before we can even try and resolve any issues ~!

They are Jerks/ Crooks and I highly recommond you let the world know and maybe get a Lawyer like I'm gonna do ! There are Assholes and Liars and Theives !


Yes there still is bankruptcy, esleliapcy for poor people. You can file an application to waive filing fees if you are very poor, called an in forma pauperis petition.You can get help from legal aid bureaus in your area. Check your local bar association for a referral. Many laywers also handle some bankruptcy work on a pro bono basis. I do in Lake County, Illinois

scott forman

I wonder what would happen if 1000 of us angry greentree customers went at the same time to theyre office for a little payback its getting to that point


I mistakenly made a $255.00 EFT mortgage payment to BANK of America instead of Green Tree back on the 11th of February. The rest of the payment was sent through my other bank and Green Tree is holding that amount. I wonder if that's legal. In the good old days, they would send it back to us. I called BofA the following day and was assured it would be forwarded on to Green Tree with plenty of time to avoid late charges. I received a call from Green Tree today. I didn't pick up because it showed an out of state area code and I don't talk to Green Tree because they're always so rude and upsets me terribly the way they handle my mortgage. They never know what they're talking about anyways, like insisting I made 2 payments in December. Don't I wish, I'm on permanent disability, have had heart surgery and I'm a Type I diabetic. Like everyone, I struggle.

So, I called BofA, talked with a really nice, caring, professional gal who told me she would gladly do a 3-way call with Green Tree. Well, we couldn't get past the collector. He totally blew off the BofA girl and went right into collection mode, speaking over and above both of us, and refusing to acknowledge that the funds were misplaced and on their way, that we just had to track them down. He wanted a promise to pay date and told us that our issue would have to be handled with customer service. The gal from BofA, again, very professional and polite asked him for the number to customer service and he told her he would transfer us after we give him the information he needed. Again, not acknowledging that the wrong payment was not all my fault. This guy then started raising his voice even louder and asked me if I wanted to speak to his supervisor, obviously very angry so I said no, I didn't. There was no reason to and he then said to me, "Ok, Ms. **. I will make sure and put down that you're refusing to make your payment with us." And with that, he hung up.

Well, I continued to talk with the BofA gal and she remained professional and was concerned, because I told her I had a heart condition and that's why I don't talk to Green Tree. She was even going to do all the talking once I gave Green Tree permission but the conversation on their end just got out of hand right away. It was unreal. I still find myself shaking and anxious after this experience. The B of A representative was trying to comfort me because she could hear me upset. I said, "See how they are? He wouldn't listen to us or even acknowledge that the monies are misplaced and said very nastily that he was going to put down that I refused payment. Who knows what they're going to do to my mortgage." She assured me that she was witness and never did we say that payment was being refused and that the conversation was recorded if I needed any proof or information later on.

Well, after that was when we realized that his supervisor was listening in on our conversation, and she then yelled into the phone. "Mrs. **, Mrs. **. Can I help you? Is it true you made your payment to Bank of America? Tell me why Mrs. ** that after making payments here for 17 months, now you would make a payment to Bank of America?" I told her as calmly as I could, "Well, there is a human factor involved, which unfortunately isn't taken into account in today's world, and I've been in and out of the hospital with medical conditions so I pressed a wrong button (even if I wasn't ill these things happen)." She started arguing again, and my heart continued to feel like it was going to jump out of my chest so I told her I was going to hang up. She then yelled (unreal), "Ok. Go ahead and hang up." So I did.

Lord Jesus, why can't anyone help us anymore? Why is this being allowed? These people were so driven to bully me and blinded by winning an argument. They refused to hear why we called in the first place. I didn't ask for this place to buy my mortgage. I can't even walk in and make a payment like I have always been able to do with my 30+ years of mortgages. They're in freaking Minnesota! The very sad part is the employees who don't have the decency to walk off the job or whistle blow on this company.


Reading all of this, just reminds me what trashy comany Green tree must really be. Our loan was slod by Flagstar to Green tree as of Jan of this year. We ddinot receive a statement from Green Tree and according to the paperworsk we received, made payment to Flagstar who transferred the payment to Green Tree. The calls started in January. We made out Febpayment and again received collection calls, eachone with a different number of days delinquent. When we look online it shows something different. We paid off the loan on March 28. However received a call on March 29 stating we were 87 days delinquent and facing foreclosure. Informng them they receive a wire payoff from our bank on March 28, they stated they would not credit it until April 1 or 2. This is only so they can attempt to collect more money from us. RUN< RUN< RUN from Green tree if you can!!

Glenn Moore

I've done some Research and Bank Of America is one of the owners of Greentree! They sold my 2nd mortgage to GT. Their practices are terrible. They call all the time and are so rude. I've talked to them and tried to work out some of our late payments. They send our statement out on the day it is due. When we get it it is already past due. I've tried to go online to pay but they won't take payment unless your account is current. I tried talking to Charles. He told me that they would take automatic withdrawal out on my account. I can't trust them with my account information. I told him no and hung up, Now they still call and harass my wife 3 to 5 times daily. They also call and harass me now. I would like to have them stop harassing us but am not sure the best way to do it. Worst company I have ever dealt with. I blame BOA for this problem. They sure are doing well since Our Goverment bailed them out. I hope they get their butts Sued. Our current goverment is on their side or at least that is what it appears.


Worst company on the face of the Earth. Collection Agent "Tyrone" calls friends and neighbors and tells them you are delinquent. Horrible practices. Collection agents work on 30,60,90 day quotas. Ramp up collection efforts at the end of the month to make their numbers...Will do and say anythig to collect.

For those of you fed up with Greentree not listening to your complaints...Her is the information for their parent company:

Walter Investment Management Group
3000 Bayport Drive
Suite 1100
Tampa, Florida 33607
Phone No:813-421-7600


I want to file suit against this company or join in on a Class Action suit. Please give me this information. Thanks. I also advise for EVERYONE TO RECORD EACH AND EVERY CONVERSATION WITH THESE FOLKS!


Who's up for contacting Dateline NBC, 20/20 or 60 Minutes for them to conduct an investigation on this company?


I just read thru about three years of comments, and I'm really scared. My loan was with GMAC and they sold to Greentree when they filed BK. I am underwater on my mortgage. I work, but I also have a disabled son living with me. I am his sole support. I dont have credit, so everything I purchase is out of pocket. I wasnt sure if I wanted to stay in the house. Especially since I see people buying houses in this area for half of what I owe. I just accepted a trial loan mod because they have been calling me constantly. I need a roof to live under. Here is my dilemma: I have now agreed to have them take 200 out of my acct this friday, then 691 in two weeks. I came home and read paperwork in detail, and they are adding the difference to my balance. AND ITS A 40 YEAR LOAN. All the account manager could tell me was "you are lucky you have a job"... Someone really does need to investigate this. I too have been taken. They prey on emotions...

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